The project with a non-profit approach was set up mid 2013 (under the name SiCard Live) by a group of people from various backgrounds, driven by the firm belief that new digital technologies allow new ways of collaboration. This collaboration with others who have similar goals and values, even though from different worlds, can lead to a virtuous circle for the benefit of all.

The belief is that this new approach, inspired by the concepts of “Shared Value” and “Circular Economy”, can profoundly transform our way of conceiving Corporate Social Responsibility, making it feasible non only for large companies, but also for medium, small and micro enterprises. All commercial players, regardless of size, while promoting their businesses (social marketing) or optimizing their human resources strategies (employee benefits) can become active in generating  well-being – what TreCuori refer to as “welfare”, in the true sense of the word - for  their employees and for  the larger community.

 Their financial support is vital for third sector organisations (nonprofits) that represent an important support network to local well-being or welfare.


TreCuori is a digital platform that enables three groups in society to collaborate in a way that they all benefit:

  • businesses (from small corner shops to large companies)
  • the third sector (any kind of nonprofits, such as charities, sport groups, schools and many others)
  • people

Another active group in this collaboration is the Public Administration that has the task of developing and managing local welfare programmes. The public administration works to serve the public and find solutions to demanding public problems   not only through government agencies but also through nonprofits.  Therefore, any system that supports the third sector is without a doubt assisting the well-being, the welfare of all the community.


We/TreCuori sincerely believes that this simple idea, assisted by innovative technologies, can lead to the improved well-being for all.

It all begins with people like you and me. Through their actions  (e.g.: making purchases), they can give preference to businesses that, in turn, support the well-being of their communities by giving financial assistance to third sector organisations (nonprofits) that provide an invaluable service to all the community.

This virtuous interaction among these “three worlds” (people, businesses and third sector) is made possible today, as is has never been before, by new digital technologies which have become more widespread and accessible.

The software on which the platform is based has been developed ad hoc to comply with the core values of the project: meritocracy, transparency, privacy respect and simplicity of use.


TreCuori is a tool that can be used in three different interdependent contexts, each with a synergistic effect on the others:


2013-2014: fine tuning of the idea and prototype of the first version of the IT platform called Sicard Live (with the sole function of  Social Marketing)

2015- Aug 2016:  launched in 3 pilot small cities - Conegliano (TV), Volterra (PI) and Seregno (MB) - with the aim of testing, improving and fine tuning. Feedback was collected from users (nonprofits, schools, businesses and merchants, people) in these three areas. Without particular efforts to promote it, funds totalling more than 170 thousand euros were collected, with the involvement of more than 6 thousand people, 600 nonprofits (ranging from one amateur sports club that received more than twenty thousand euros with the collaboration of less than 200 parents to the parish that had registered not long before and collected several tens of euros) and more than 800 companies (from small neighborhood shops to large enterprises).

September 2016: the platform with  the name “TreCuori” was  made available nationwide as a social marketing and employee benefit  tool. Besides Italy, the system will also be activated in other countries.


The launch of TreCuori nationwide will be facilitated by the setting up of WelfarePoints -  agencies for social innovation  that, in addition to working towards specific social objectives, will manage certain activities connected to the TreCuori project (participating partner programme, support, information, presentations, education/training and so on).

If you are interested in setting up a Welfare Point, please consult the following website:  www.innova.srl/soluzioni/welfare-point.


Privacy protection for all platform users is one of the basic principles of TreCuori. For example:

  • TreCuori will never sell to third parties TreCuori member information;
  • Businesses will never have access to phone numbers or email addresses of TreCuori members;

Members will receive correspondence from TreCuori from time to time pertinent only to items of  interest to them, such as the reporting of achieved results or the availability of new contributions.


TreCuori is not to be confused with pyramid schemes or multi-level marketing strategies that require participants and members to pay to join.


TreCuori is a "Benefit Society" (TreCuori Spa SB). This new socially oriented company form, which Italy has recently introduced into its legal system, does not enjoy any tax benefits and is subject to more stringent requirements applicable to company reporting documents and to the company supervisory bodies.

This legal form was chosen to ensure a firm commitment to the social mission of the TreCuori project. As officially stated in the company statute, for at least ten years all activity in Italy will be carried out on a purely nonprofit basis. There will be no distribution of dividends and all generated resources will be assigned to nonprofit beneficiaries.

Anyone can be a TreCuori member for free, but if you really like the idea and you think it deserves something more,  you can become a partner of the project just by acquiring some shares, even with a very small sum. Write to soci@trecuori.org or call +39-0438-1918075 .


Are you a nonprofit sharing the TreCuori vision and would you like to use and spread it in your Country? Great!

Write to international@trecuori.org or call +39+0438-1918075. We look forward to talking to you soon!